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Who is Jean?

Inspiration :

My passion for the human, for nature and the life which connects both, inspire me in encountering the other. Being present from my own point-of -view and being, and throughout this contact, admitting difference. Facilitate recovery (from trauma) and explore new possibilities. Leave behind the burden from te past so as to stand more lightly in life and emit one's own strength. With my integrity, sometimes careful but no less intense, trust, which, throughout softness and profoundness, will evolve and heal more than by pushing or provoking. This way of working is much more sustainable and stimulates the self-healing capacity within all of us.

Experience :

Over the past 30 years, I complemented my initial studies in Orthopedagogy with trainings in self-development and therapy, which allowed me to begin my therapeutical work about 15 years ago.
Furthermore, I have over 30 years of experience in the business world within various managerial functions in the service sector (from responsible in people management for 240 employees, Finance and Audit management to process/change project management of important fusion projects).
Combining both these experiences results in a unique and integrated approach in therapy, coaching and training.

Personal career switch :

Firstly, after 20 years of working and receiving many opportunities within one and the same organisation, I decided to choose for a new perspective, rather than continuing to 'survive' in a well-known function but without any perspective. This was a first important switch which also stimulated me in developing my skills in coaching and therapy.
Secondly, I decided, in the beginning of 2016, to extend this step by focusing exclusively on my own activity "Essensito", which stands for 'finding your own place, choosing and feeling your own essence'. After the first years, I experience that my way of listening and being present with the ohter, and of connecting to what is present, is much appreciated and facilitates and supports beautiful personal as well as team developments. Having more time to listen to Nature and accompany people troughout their search for more content and meaning is a gift of great value and a wonderful discovery!

Trainings :

  • Initial : Master in Orthopedagogy
  • Psychotherapeutical : Gestalttherapy, Bodywork, Bio-energetics
  • Complementary : HSP-professional, Solution focus coaching,
  • Ancient Ancestors Circle : Accompaniment of rituals and leadership trajectories in nature (Vision Quests, sweat lodges,..) since early 2000.

Offer :

Psychotherapy is my fulltime activity which allows me to be more available and actively gain experience :  Individual psychotherapy (Gestalt and bodywork) mainly focusing around meaning, high-sensitivity, mourning- and trauma therapy and work related problems.
With attention for who you are, what you experience and "how" the session develops, I finetune my accompaniment so as to enable (again) movement/space in your choices and possibilities for action.
Starting from your own situation and with respect for your own rhythm, you will (once again) become actor of your own transformation and your proper life and retrieve your vitality.
We work within a framework where trust and honesty become the base for new possibilities.
I also accompany leadership trajectories with rituals taking nature as a guideline: 2x a year: Vision Quest trajectories and some 20 sweat lodges (open or on demand for groups or teams).

See further on this website: page sweat lodges, Vision Quests

Supervision :

Supervision is an essential learning tool for people working with people. It allows students as well as professionals to test their work experiences with a supervisor and dwell on themes they encounter in their work. Using a concrete case/ situation, a learning question is deposited and then in a safe and independent way unfolded.

Gestalt starting points for supervision
Gestalt supervision assumes that through the contact between supervisor and the one supervised, the same dynamics will become visible or tangible as between the supervised and his/her client. This enables us to experience here and now what happens and by means of experiment, to investigate whatever is necessary.
Gestalt supervision pays much attention to what happens within the supervised and what happens between the supervised and his/her client/ work environment. Not only the foreground, but also the background of the supervised is being observed, against which everything happens. Often, supervision is about making implicit dynamics explicit. For that, Gestalt supervision works, just like Gestalt therapy, from the awareness of the supervisor and allows him/her to help the supervised to further develop his/her own awareness.
I offer individual as well as group supervision to: (Gestalt) therapists, psychologists, paramedics, doctors, teams and managers.
Please contact me.

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