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To all who hear the calling of the Sweat Lodge for leading and sharing it with others**, we'll probably offer end '21 or beginning of '22 a training for Sweat Lodge leaders in 3 modules. Since some of you have been waiting for years, we'll explore the abundance the Sweat Lodge offers us as soon as the pandemic allows us to.

In this training you will be accompanied in taking the role of Sweat Lodge leader. We will support you as you go stand in the line of Ancestors. The training consists of 3 modules, each of 3 or 4 days. In between we'll also offer Sweat Lodges, both for practice and for deepening.

You will receive a lot of basic knowledge on the ceremony (history, building, elements of the ceremony, wind directions,...) experiences from practice, how to handle the energies present... you will be given a sufficient amount of invitations and challenges to tackle your own proces; to each time formulate more clearly your own authentic way and medecine as source in this world.

For whom?

A wide experience with Sweat Lodges is obviously required, and sufficient experience as fire keeper is strongly recommended in order to fully appreciate this unique training. Open to men and women, we'll work in a group of max 6 people for a period of 11 days.

If interested, contact us (again) before June 30, 2021. We already have some candidates. Definitive dates will be fixed in September.

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