For a deeper connection with Nature and its elements: earth, water, fire and air?
For a deeper connection with the sacred and creating forces?
An ancient purification ritual helps you to set off on your journey: the sweat lodge.

All is connected. It's the Earth's breath which animates the ritual of the sweat lodge. This ritual shows us a glimpse of something we haven't been able to see before. We can choose to enter this vibration, to become aware of all that surrounds us, to be filled with admiration and respect for Nature and all things alive.
What is a sweat lodge?
Bouwen van de zweethut
The sweat lodge ceremony is an ancient purifying ritual which was used in different native cultures. The best known ritual - the inipi, or sweat lodge - stems from the North American Indians.
Respecting this traditional Indian ritual, all while giving room to our own spiritual roots, we feed our need for the purification of body, mind and soul.
In a low hut made of willow branches and covered with blankets, we get in touch with the elements of earth, fire and air, as well as with our own core, our soul. We experience the power of the hot stones and the dark, the all-pervading steam when water is being poured over the stones, the Earth which carries us, the sounds and energy of prayer.
The great strength of the sweat lodge lies in experiencing anew the connection with all that is, the opening of your heart.
In the sweat lodge, letting go, encountering, healing and thoroughly purifying can be done from within.
By consciously taking time to feel, listen and connect, we surrender to whatever wants to arise. We leave room for mystery and let ourselves be carried by it.
Vuur bij de zweethut
The sweat lodge calls
Registering for a sweat lodge is a gift to yourself. It means choosing for a day of time, attention and care for oneself. It means creating the space to reconnect to Nature and to experience and deepen this contact in the here and now.

It is also a wonderful way to take care of your body, to make contact with your inner being and to cleanse from confusions, injuries and disillusions. The sweat lodge helps you to prepare for what lies ahead of you and for something greater than yourself.

It is a wonderful experience which is each time different and renewing.
You can deepen your sweat lodge experience by tuning in to the ritual a week beforehand.
More specifically, this can mean:

  • getting sufficient sleep
  • taking time for yourself
  • moving/ sporting more
  • avoiding alcohol and eating moderately

It is best not to eat (or eat less) at least 12 hours before the ceremony.
Practical: what to bring to a sweat lodge:
  • old, easy fitting clothes adapted to the season, watertight shoes
  • 2 towels
  • if possible, 2 old blankets for the lodge
  • food to share around the fire after the ritual
  • a bottle of water and, in case of rainy weather, a big plastic bag to keep your things dry
If in doubt whether you can enter a sweat lodge, please consult your doctor. If he judges you fit to enter a sauna, then you can also enter a sweat lodge.
Pregnant women, people with a heart condition, skin condition or carrying a contageous infection are advised not to enter the sweat lodge.
Zweethut en vuur
Zweethut in de natuur


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From my rich experience as a sweat lodge leader, I wrote an animated book which could inspire you to gather strength and wisdom from these ancient rituals. To the benefit of nature projects, order by email:

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